Beef and Butter Fast™ Challenge – Low Carb Inspirations
Beef and Butter Fast™ Challenge

Beef and Butter Fast™ Challenge

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Hit a Keto plateau and ready to jumpstart your journey?

Join the Beef & Butter Fast™ Challenge and blast through keto stall in only 4 days! 

Thousands of people have kicked their keto back into high gear with amazing results, losing over several hundred pounds! 

What's included? Everything to make this as easy to succeed as possible:  

  • Substitution Lists
  • Easy-Peasy Recipes
  • Private Facebook group of fellow Challengers for encouragement and accountability
  • Daily prompts for the 4 days of the challenge
  • How to ease back into regular keto on Day 5

Do you need to take our keto challenge???

Here are the top 10 things you will learn!

  1. You will really understand what a keto diet is.
  2. You will find out what foods could be causing you issues even though they are “keto friendly”
  3. You will learn about the required supplements to be hydrated and get good sleep (two important aspects for weight loss that are required that most people overlook)
  4. You will learn how to live a regular life and manage holidays even while doing keto! ( hint: you never have to be perfect!)
  5. This combined training comes out to roughly 5 hours of live video with me.
  6. You will learn that food timing might be an issue for you.
  7. You might realize you have a food allergy without even testing for it!
  8. You will learn that you don’t have to track your food and you can eat intuitively!
  9. Everyone who takes it tells me it was very eye opening to them and they are successful! Average weight loss is between 3.9 lbs to 4.7 lbs lost per person for the week and it’s without being hungry! In fact, they are full!!

It’s called beef and butter because it can be super simple but we have plenty of substitutes.

Sign up and start doing keto the right way without letting another minute pass by!!

*This challenge is not for vegans and vegetarians. 

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